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Brussels lawmakers have postposed their plans to rewrite the city’s road tax rules with the aim of encouraging locals to buy and drive less polluting cars.

Competent minister Guy Vanhengel (Open VLD) said during a parliamentary Finance committee meeting on Monday evening that too many obstacles overhaul to reform the city’s road tax rules during the Brussels government’ current term.

Vanhengel wants to first focus on getting the different regions to agree on the introduction of a smart road pricing system.

The delay was criticised by lawmakers for both the Dutch-language and Francophone Greens. “This reform was mentioned in the ruling agreement, but after four years of feet dragging and the creation of a taskforce, they haven’t gotten one step further,” Groen leader Bruno De Lille told Bruzz.

A Brussels parliament taskforce focused on green car tax measures unveiled its final report last month. The taskforce, which was made up of academics and experts, recommended the adoption of a new road tax to replace both the tax that is currently levied when a car is first put on the road and the annual road tax.

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