Same-Sex Marriage Campaigns …

LGBTI+ associations have campaigned in several countries to get same-sex marriage approved. On this page you’ll find some of their campaign footage. If you know of other videos that are missing from here, please give me a call and I’ll add them to the list.


Grandma knows what love is

A 93-year-old grandmother tells us how she is happy when her granddaughter is happy. And if that’s with a woman, it’s okay as long as they’re in love with each other.

By: Marriage Equality Coalition Taiwan
Duration: 1’31”

Do you love each other ?

A couple who had a hard time getting married because they came from different countries (a challenge in Taiwan at the time), now has a lesbian daughter. The only thing they said when their daughter came home with her girlfriend was, “Do you love each other?”.

By: Marriage Equality Coalition Taiwan
Duration: 1’30”

You can make history !

An empowering video to encourage residents of Taiwan who are pro same-sex marriage to vote. You may feel small and unimportant, but when a same-sex marriage law has to be passed, your vote can make all the difference.

By: Marriage Equality Coalition Taiwan
Duration: 1’02”


It shouldn’t matter

Twins who describe how they have shared the same joys and sorrows all their lives. Except that one brother is married to a woman and the other brother is not allowed to marry the man he loves.

By: GetUp! Australia
Duration: 0’52”

It’s time. End marriage discrimination.

A short movie in which we follow a young man and his great love. Beautiful and romantic.

By: GetUp! Australia
Duration: 1’55”


Bring Your Family With You

In this video, a coalition of LGBT youth and their parents calls on everyone to vote YES in the referendum. They want to use the video to encourage their friends and family to actually vote.

By: BeLonG To Youth Services
Duration: 2’20”

Mrs. Brown for Yes Equality

A funny movie in which Mrs. Brown, the main character from the TV sitcom Mrs. Brown’s Boys, asks people to give her gay son the same chance at happiness that everyone else enjoys.

By: Treasure Entertainment IE
Duration: 2’12”

I’d like to ask for Sinead’s hand

A very nice campaign movie for the Yes Equality campaign in Ireland in which a man has to seek permission from all the Irish people to marry the love of his life. Like the LGBTI Irish had to do in the referendum.

By: MarriageEquality
Duration: 1’45”


It’s Time

A feel-good movie on the music of Pride by Amy Macdonald, in which the Scots say it’s time for Equal Marriage.

By: LGBTI Scotland
Duration: 3’27”

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