Same Sex Marriage Campaigns …

LGBTI+ associations have campaigned in several countries to get same-sex marriages approved. On this page you will find some footage they made for those campaigns. If you know videos that are missing here, please give me a call and I will add them to the list.


Grandma knows what love is

A grandmother of 93 years old tells how she is happy when her granddaughter is happy. And if that’s with a woman, that’s okay as long as they’re in love with each other. by: Marriage Equality Coalition Taiwan duration: 1’31”

Do you love each other ?

A couple who had a hard time getting married because they came from different countries (which was difficult in Taiwan at the time), now has a lesbian daughter. The only thing they said when their daughter came home with her girlfriend was “do you love each other?”. by: Marriage Equality Coalition Taiwan duration: 1’30”

You can make history !

An empowering video to encourage residents of Taiwan who are pro same-sex marriage to vote. You may feel small and unimportant, but the moment a same-sex marriage law has to be passed, your vote can make all the difference. by: Marriage Equality Coalition Taiwan duration: 1’02”


It shouldn’t matter

Twins who describe how they have shared the same joys and sorrows all their lives. Except that one brother is married to a woman and the other brother is not allowed to marry his husband.

by: GetUp! Australia 
duration: 0’52”

It’s time. End marriage discrimination.

Short movie in which we follow a young man and his great love. Beautiful and romantic. by: GetUp! Australia duration: 1’55”


Bring Your Family With You

In this video, a coalition of LGBT youth and their parents calls on everyone to vote YES in the referendum. With the video they want to encourage family and friends to actually vote.

by: BeLonG To Youth Services
duration: 2’20”

Mrs. Brown for Yes Equality

Funny movie from Mrs. Brown, the main character in Mrs. Brown’s Boys, a TV sitcom, in which she asks to give her gay son the same chance of happiness as everyone else. by: Treasure Entertainment IE duration: 2’12”

I’d like to ask for Sinead’s hand

Very nice campaign movie for the Yes Equality campaign in Ireland in which a man has to ask permission from all Irish people to marry the love of his life. Like the LGBTI Irish had to do in the referendum. by: MarriageEquality duration: 1’45”


It’s Time

Feel good movie on the music of ‘Pride’ by Amy Macdonald in which the Scots say it’s time for Equal Marriage.

by: LGBTI Scotland
duration: 3’27”

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